Candle Fundraiser Near Me

candle fundraiser near me

List Of Candle Fundraising Companies Near You

Are you looking for the best candle fundraiser near me?

In this article we list some of the top fundraising programs with candles to help your Spanish school or Spanish nonprofit organization raise the money they need. You can either try and figure this out on your own or benefit from our research from the top vendors and manufacturers.

Each of these can work in all 50 states in the continental USA.

Here is our list for a candle fundraising company in your area for 2021

Candle sales is a great school fundraising idea. So we will share the pros and cons of each of them and in the end, we will give you our top choice for a candle fundraising company to work with.

Yankee Candle

Millions of dollars of advertising every year has made Yankee Candle a household name. It was only a matter of time before they started a fundraising division. They gave been helping schools and kids raise money for over a decade. Sad to say they have had to close their doors in 2020 due to the Covid pandemic. Today Yankee Candle no longer offer a fundraising program.

WoodWick Candle Fundraiser

Did you know that Woodwick Candle is owned by Yankee Candle?

Their candle pricing is as follows:

From what we can find from an old article a few years ago, nonprofits earned 40% profit on all sales when selling 25 candles or more. Unfortunately, the official website is no longer working and we couldn’t find any recent information on the Woodwick fundraiser. It appears to have closed, perhaps with the closing of the Yankee Candle fundraiser catalog.

Heritage candle fundraiser

This company sells candles hand dipped right here in the USA. They retail for only $10. Here are some of their brochures:

Abby Candles

Candles are priced from $15-$23. When you sell $3,000 worth of merchandise, you get free shipping

Touch of elegance candle fundraiser

Candles are priced between $10 and $24. Unfortunately, the $10 candle is only 4 oz and only has 35 hours of burn time.

Bath and Body Works Candle fundraiser

This was very curious. Google is showing many people are interested in the bath and body works candle fundraising program. Yet we cannot find an official program or a way to raise money with these candles.

The best we could find was an opportunity to earn 3% profit through flipgive. If you’re going to sell candles, you might as well pick a more profitable program.

Here Are some additional contenders:

Heritage Candles Brochure - our top pick from the list of candle fundraising companies.What company do we suggest for candle fundraising?

After looking at the reviews, the quality of the candle, the retail price points, and the profit margin for kids groups and schools, we selected the Heritage Candle fundraiser. Why this candle provider?


And with all of our programs here you get free brochures, training and coaching. This means you can have a successful fundraising candle fundraiser without any upfront cost or risk to your organization. 

So in conclusion would you like to learn more about our favorite candle fundraiser?

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