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Merida Yucatan PyramidOur Intensive Spanish Immersion Program is designed to help students of all levels develop their Spanish language skills. The total immersion concept of learning a foreign language places the student into an around-the-clock environment of using the new language both in class and at home with their host Mexican family on a continuous basis. “Spanish only” is the rule at the Center of Languages. Because our instructors are all native Spanish speakers, accents and mannerisms are correct and natural. As the instructors help the students progress in the language, words and sentences come naturally and quickly.

  • Classes are offered on a year-round schedule.
  • Courses are from a minimum of a week, month, or as long as six months.
  • Small classes with no more than six students.
  • Each instructor is a college-trained, native Spanish speaker.
  • Individualized instruction according to the student’s ability.
  • Home stay option with a Mexican host family.
  • Structured guided conversation classes.
  • Learn to speak Spanish with RosettaStone software available at Kohls.
  • Up to 30 hours a week of instruction and related activities.
  • Complete cultural immersion.
  • Variety of methodology used in instruction.

Merida Yucatan ZocaloThe Best Social Activities There are a variety of activities that students can participate in through the school. Evenings are often devoted to social activities; students go out while accompanied by at least one faculty member. Students are asked to pay their own way as the group often decides to dine out or visit one of the city's discos for dancing. Sometimes, it's a night at the movies where students hone their newly acquired language skills. Other activities include visiting museums, Mayan ruins, convents,sinkholes, and other cultural and historical sites of interest.


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Our students not only come to learn Spanish, but they also come to experience the history of Mexico and the Mayans!




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To ensure the highest possible achievement by each of our students, we employ professional teachers, each of whom is a native Spanish speaker with a college education. Their education is supplemented with special training teaching Spanish as a second language.


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